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I can audit your account and give you my recommandations to improve your results drastically. I have been doing so for more than three years in the web agency I work for. The audit includes:

- Account structure (keyword, match type, organization)

- Campaigns setting (objective, bidding strategy, audience)

- Sources of expenses (bad settings) + negative keywords

- Ad copy + ad extension

- Landing page relevance


In addition, I will check your conversion tracking through Google Analytics.


All of this will be done while trying to understand your products/services and the market to give you tailor-made recommandations.


In the end, you will receive a full report of every weaknesses and mistakes I have spotted. Please note that for the starter + business pack, I won't implement the changes I recommend and I won't give you the step-by-step in order to correct the weaknesses.

What the Freelancer needs to start the work

Temporary account access to your Google Ads & Google Analytics via our Client Manager account.

(We shall provide steps upon purchase of this Offer)

A brief overview of the company & target market.


#Please note this Offer is for businesses that have been using Adwords for over 30 Days.

For new account setup - we have separate hourly.


#This hourly is for one website and one Adwords account only.

If you have more than one Adwords account or website, do let us know beforehand if you need these audited as well.


Contact Us Today, or Buy this Offer to get Started Right Now!


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